Reality Engineering means changing your life by changing your thinking.

Reality Engineering systematically provides peace of mind

by unifying the parts with the whole: mind over matter.

It is a practical guide to the mystery of being and the big questions, like why am I here?

In October 2005, after 20 years of slow progress, I was initiated into ‘knowledge of the universe’ by the late John Michell, the great Perennial Philosopher and Sacred Geometer. I experienced a profound revelation of infinite creation which inspires me to this day.

Neuroscience tells us our brains are plastic, changing according to what we think about. The Perennial Philosophy guides us as to what  to think about, for example

As Above: So Below.


I have taught hundreds of people how to change their lives for the better by changing their thinking, modeled on this unifying principle. 

Common sense and imagination are all you need to Engineer your Reality, 

if you know the rules. Rule 1 Everything is energy, energy is love.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so

W. Shakespeare.

Mind over matter.

There are two very interesting scientific experiments that demonstrate the mind over matter universe. The first study showed that the brains of people wearing glasses that turned everything upside down, would quickly adapt, normalise, and sometimes turn everything the right way up; then, when they took the glasses off, everything would look upside down, until the brain flipped it again. We can ’see’ that our brains automatically engineer our reality to make sense. 

The second study showed that London taxi drivers ‘learning the knowledge’, create more dense connections and therefore more volume in their hippocampi, the part of the brain that deals with spatial representations. This was consistent across sexes and ages. Your brain is plastic and makes new connections depending on what you think about. Deliberate focused attention changes brain chemistry. Also an example of reality engineering but going the other way. click here

The first example demonstrates the underlying orderly processes of the unconscious mind, while the second example demonstrates the influence of a focused conscious mind on the brain muscle.

The Perennial Philosophy is the software, the brain is hardware; your body is wetware, you are aware, beyond words.

Our ancestors knew this, they also knew we would forget, as part of the descent into matter, they decided to leave behind monuments of what they knew and how they came to know it, and unbelievably, they had the vision to preserve it far into the future, this much is demonstrable, but why?

Hugh Lillingston

(DoB 1956, educated at Belhaven Hill, Scotland and Eton.)

After a very brief spell in the 17th/21st Lancers (the death or glory boys), Hugh joined ʻinfamousʼ punk rock group Rikki and the Last Days of Earth as drummer. The first gig was in 1977 at The Man in the Moon pub at World’s End on the Kings Road. Signed to DJM records, the band released 4 singles and 2 albums and toured extensively, creating lots of interest but no chart success. With marriage in 1981, followed by 3 children it was time for a change. 

In 1987 Hugh started a farm based food business growing organic herbs, salads and fruit, baking sourdough bread, and created Innes goat cheese, twice voted Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards. In 2000 Hugh qualified as a Trainer of NLP and teacher of Huna and founded the Thorpe Institute for the 7 Liberal Arts. He works with businesses, groups and individuals teaching and lecturing internationally. He has studied with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-founders of NLP; Tad James, co-creator of Time Line Therapy; Tony Robbins, the motivational guru, Tolly Burkan, the fire master; Keith Critchlow, master geometer; and the late, great, John Michell, platonic philosopher and visionary who initiated Hugh into the Perennial Philosophy.

In 2005 Hugh met Eva Hamilton and Charlotte Cole and developed the Warrior Programme, a charity dedicated to bringing the benefits of various reality engineering techniques to homeless and other disadvantaged groups. In the course of this work it emerged that ex-servicemen suffering from PTSD were deriving consistent, long term benefit from the programme and it is now being rolled out nationally. 

He is currently producing a feature documentary on The Universe. 

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