The 7 Liberal Arts were bequeathed to us by the Ancient Greeks as the basic required study for those participating in a democracy. Vestiges of them are found in most school curriculums today and were  taught in Plato’s Academy for a thousand years from 500BC until about 450AD.

The Western Secret Tradition can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, but the Greeks played a pivotal roll becau se they wrote it  down. Up until around 500BC the Wisdom tradition was oral, it was already very old when the Greek philosophers discovered it. It is known that Pythagoras and Plato travelled to Egypt and possibly India too. Of course we have no writings of either Pythagoras or Socrates; we have to rely on Plato and Aristotle and others in their various translations and editions some two and a half thousand years after the event.

It is probably important to understand that when the Ancient Greeks talked of Democracy (government of the people by the people) they meant only free men; no women, no slaves. The point being that free men had  time to study the 7 Liberal Arts and were thereby wise and qualified to vote. For all its faults democracy is still with us today and still worth fighting for until something better comes along.


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