Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids MAY 2015


There will be a talk and slide show in the New Year.

    The Sunday before I went to Bosnia, at a brunch, in Paris, on a hot and sunny afternoon, I met Hervé Champollion,  descendant of Jean-Francois Champollion, the man who deciphered Egyptian Hieroglyphs in 1822. He overheard me talking about the discovery, by Dr Semir Osmanagich in 2005, of a valley of Pyramids in Bosnia, so big, so old, and so obvious and yet somehow, still unknown to the world at large. As we discussed the difficulties involved in changing the status quo, Hervé introduced himself.
    We fell into a long conversation about how, in one of those second hand book stalls that lounge along the Rive Gauge, he had come upon a cache of letters, sent from Egypt when his illustrious savant forebear was visiting Egypt for the first time as part of Napoleon 3rd’s expeditionary force in 1828. Hervé, a professional photographer, retraced his ancestor’s footsteps and documented the journey on camera; it was published by Geo in 2001.
  Amongst the letters was a contract in which Champollion agreed that any evidence uncovered in Egypt which disputed the Bible or any other accepted beliefs would not be published. He published anyway, and the history books were re-written, as we know. This is about to happen again. All over the planet the evidence is erupting out of the ground, sending out deep, booming psychic depth-charges, most recently in Gunung Padang.
    A realisation of gigantic proportions is building like a wave around us. Not only are we not alone in the Universe, we are not alone on the earth: we are not alone, we are all one. I am not talking about aliens, though there are plenty of them and they are not actually ‘alien’, I am talking about the advanced human civilisations, in what we think of as our past, although our ‘discovery’ of them is in our future. Think about it.
    I first heard about the Bosnian Pyramids when Dr Osmanagich presented his research at the Megalithomania conference in 2008, it was very inspiring. Although there were a few reports in the papers and National Geographic did a shoot, the archaeological community conspired to shut the whole thing down claiming, bizarrely, that it was a ‘hoax’, or absurdly, in the case of Zahi Hawass,  former minister of State for Antiquities Affairs in Egypt, that Osmanagich had hallucinated them. I had to see for myself. A sudden burst of synchronicity found four of us in the death star that is Vienna airport, boarding at Gate 26 for Sarajevo at 8pm on Thursday 23rd of October.
    There was snow on the ground when we arrived, although Sandin, our cheerful driver and guide from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, a non-profit set up by Osmanagich, assured us it had been 25 degrees a day ago. We drove on a fast motorway to Kingdome House, our B&B, in Sarajevo.The welcome was warm, the house was freezing.
    Rising from the outskirts of Visoko, a small town on the Fojnica river, 20 miles northwest of Sarajevo, is a very regular triangular hill, covered with  shrubs, bushes, ferns, grass, and pine trees, but unlike everywhere else, no mushrooms. Three sides have very regular 45 degree angles, the fourth, to the east, has an earth ramp for easy access to the top. On our first morning it was cold and misty and difficult to see a clear shape, but we were able to check the orientation of the faces, which is to the cardinal points.
     In fact, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the biggest of the 4 discovered so far, at 220 meters is higher than the Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu) at 147 meters, and is orientated due North with 12 seconds of error, compared to the Great Pyramid’s 4 degrees. Current research suggests they are at least 30,000 years old, six times the (official) age of Cheops. Italian archaeologists Brett and Bisconti discovered a fossilised leaf in the concrete that covers the Pyramid of the Sun. It was carbon dated to 29,000±400 years ago, six times the (official) age of Cheops. That piece of news re-engineered my reality.
    After Bosnian coffee, turkish style in one handled pots and tiny cups, with our new friend Isetta, who positively beams with energy and love, despite a lonely life of out door toil on the Pyramid, we opted to escape the lowering sky for the Tunnels. On the way Sandin, and our new enigmatic guide Emir, filled us in on some of the other sites. There are 4 Pyramids: Sun, Moon (also bigger than Cheops), Dragon, (these three form a huge equilateral triangle across the valley), and  Love, a structure known as The Temple of Earth, 2 huge tunnel complexes and the Vratnica Tumulus, bigger than Silbury Hill. Part of the megalithic Avebury complex in the UK, Silbury Hill was, until now, the largest man made structure in Europe.
    The Ravne Tunnels (Ravne means plain) are a mystery all of their own. So far 1.3km has been uncovered, a fraction of what is there, revealing many strange anomalies. The construction of the tunnels themselves is currently inexplicable, but carbon dating of a piece of wood found in the conglomerate material from which the tunnels are made, puts the age at older than 24,000 years, i.e. before the last Ice Age.
    The tunnels appear to have been built upon a previous site, marked by enormous ceramic pods, weighing 8 tons or more, lidded and hollow but with something inside, carefully placed in the landscape over underground water ways at some even more ancient time. Then about 5,000 years ago the tunnels were filled in. Three distinct phases. So were there three different civilisations? or just one? who were they? how did they do it? where did they come from? where are they now?
    We spent a lot of time in the tunnels. The air is very pure and very clean, pulsating with high densities of negative ions. These are the feel good molecules released in a pine forest, or by the sea shore or a waterfall, they purify your blood, oxygenate your brain, heal you and make you feel good. Usually found in the low 10s in homes and offices, in the tunnels there are chambers where there are 46,000 per cubic centimeter.
    Then everything gets more complicated. Whatever else the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is doing, it is also generating, from a huge iron plate 2,440 meters deep beneath, straight up from the centre and out through the apex, a coherent 28 kilohertz electro-magnetic beam, which intensifies as it gets higher. This is scaler, non-hertzian, technology of the kind Tesla was investigating.  In other words the Pyramid is some kind of advanced machine that is still working. It appears to be sending a signal outside our solar system.
    A geometric analysis of the site also reveals the Sacred Geometry of the Squared Circle, which is somehow so astonishing, yet so right, and such a triumphant validation of the spontaneous creativity in the nature of things. 
    It is only our way of thinking, our belief structures, based as they are on Darwinian random mutation and competition, Freudian fear of the unconscious, and the idea that god is dead, nature is a machine and nothing is sacred, that we cannot see what is right in front of us. John Michell always said that in times such as ours, when one aeon gives way to another (in Zodiacal terms, the shift from Pisces to Aquarius) beliefs are challenged, structures are freed up, morals are loosened, all manner of beliefs and behaviours are experimented with. Then, as the need increases, the Perennial Philosophy emerges once again into human consciousness to provide a platform for the next evolutionary step.
    What is that step? You could call it cosmic consciousness, but what it really means is the awareness that your day to day existence, precious and valid as it is, is but a part of a much vaster personality, the source of your being, the multi-dimensional you you meet in your dreams, weaving and being woven into, an awesome, sacred, living tapestry of spontaneous creation powered by love. You are OK, the universe is safe.
    The Universe is teeming with life in all sorts of forms, some much more advanced than us, and some no longer in physical form, and all part of one unfathomable cosmic consciousness.  What you do to others, you do to yourself. Mind exists outside time and space, there is no distance, there are no obstacles. This realisation is our birthright, and we can choose to forget it, and we did. We walked into the shadows, down a darker path; the dark side often looks more sexy and exciting, but our culture has ended up in a intellectual cul de sac. There are even those who use reason to deny the existence of reason. It has been said that everyone knows there were no Pharoahs in Bosnia, therefore there are no Pyramids in Bosnia.
    We have categorised and separated into discrete intellectual disciplines all natural phenomena. Along the way we made some amazing discoveries, whilst remaining entirely oblivious to the holistic order and beauty of the universe that makes anything perceivable in the first place, including our necessary consciousness with which to perceive it. There is no entropy, the universe is not a closed system, the individual is a unique expression of, and part of ,the whole thing, happening at once, in a multidimensional ejaculation of joy.
    The process of discovering a new past has an impact on the present which changes the future, individually (imagine discovering you have been adopted, or won the lottery! but lost your ticket) and en masse (discovering oil). This happened in the Victorian era when geological age came up against biblical age and there was a mismatch. For some geology disproved the Bible, others maintained their faith, some think the geologists are mistaken. Either way, in 1841, under layers and layers of rock, Dinosaurs were discovered. We are told they ruled the earth for millions of years then suddenly died out about 60 million years ago, possibly as the result of a comet strike, long before mankind evolved, but is that true?
    What if we found evidence of giants? What if we already have?
    So all this is going through my mind.

What do you do when you are confronted with evidence of ancient civilisations far older and far more advanced than anything in the history books?

     Well I decided to write this blog and give a talk about it and I will be taking a group there on May Day 2015, Please email if you are interested (approx £950 for 3 nights all in,including flights from London, 1st-4th May. Monday 4th May is a bank holiday): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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WHERE: Bosnia

WHEN: 1st-4th May 2015

INVESTMENT: approx £950 for 3 nights all in,including flights from London, 1st-4th May. Monday 4th May is a bank holiday



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