• An invitation to transmute base metal into gold at THE LODGE, HOTEL LA FUENTE, RONDA, SPAIN, THURSDAY 12TH MAY - MONDAY 16TH MAY 2016.

    In her recent book The Optimism Bias, neuroscientist Tali Sharot spells out a truth recognised by wisdom traditions the world over: “our brains possess the Philosopher’s Stone”  What changes would make the biggest positive difference to your life?  If you want time and space to ponder matters, to think about Read More
  • Discover the mystery of Carnac in Brittany 15th-17th April 2016

    There are at least 3,000 megaliths still standing from an estimated 55,000 in and around Carnac, in an immense variety of shapes and sizes: menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs and tumuli and all dating back over 5000 years! This is a unique opportunity to visit Carnac in the company of Howard Crowhurst, Read More
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